Poké by Daruma
Poké by Daruma
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Pretty, tasty, healthy food... in a word, Poké!

healthy, tasty and colorful

Does it seem like a dream? No, it's a poké!

Tastiness and wellness in a bowl

An idea as simple as ingenious: combining marinated and diced raw fish with boiled rice, seasonal vegetables and exotic fruits to create the ideal balance of taste and nutrition. Top-quality ingredients meet inside the poké bowl, a perfectly sized container for a light lunch or dinner.
Each bite is a shot of pure energy with low sugar and cholesterol.

The Poké is a delicious mix of...
Best-quality raw fish, vegetables, meat and fruit
Proteins, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients
Colors and flavors from around the world

There's nothing
It's a fresh, complete meal with a personality of its own. Poké is not sushi, but it's exactly as yummy and cheerful.
It's not a salad, but it's equally light and healthy. It is not a tartare, but it's just as gourmet and sophisticated. It's everything you already love in a new, unique format.
a Poké
A poké is a refreshing break on a hectic day. It's a powerful detox ally to help you stay in shape. It's a pleasure for your eyes and taste buds!

The world in a bowl

with genuine and carefully selected ingredients

Inspired by the Hawaiian tradition of eating raw fish cut into chunks and influenced by Californian and Asian cuisine, poké is now a must-eat dish for healthy food enthusiasts. We add a pinch of all-Italian quality to it. How? Using only wholesome and carefully selected ingredients, combined by our chefs or your creativity. You can expect not only classic raw fish recipes, but also vegan and meat alternatives, sharing the same container: a convenient, easy-to-handle and environmentally sustainable bowl. Now haute cuisine is always with you, at home, at work or on the road.

Poké by Daruma is dedicated to anyone who didn't believe healthy, quality fast food existed.