Poké by Daruma
Poké by Daruma
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Fresh fish from the sea to your bowl

best quality, certified seafood

rome's favorite sushi

For 15 years, Daruma has made Rome's favorite sushi with best quality, certified seafood, and our pokés are created to the same quality standard. We fill our bowls with the safe, good and wholesome products that make our sushi special. The only difference is the format, now easier to enjoy in and outside the house.

In our pokés you will find only:
ASC-certified salmon from sustainable fishing
Raw ingredients guaranteed by CE Marking and ISO 9001 Certification
Quality seafood that 400,000 loyal customers already love

Environmentally friendly poké bowls

Bowls aren't simply containers, but integral parts of the poké philosophy. That's why we choose our bowls as carefully as we select ingredients. We use only biodegradable and compostable materials, designed to best preserve the freshness of dishes.
Together we can reduce the use of disposable plastics and prevent deforestation. From bag to bowl, our packaging is completely recyclable and plastic-free, so you can order as many poké as you want without damaging the environment.

High quality at low prices

Quality has its price, but we try to make it accessible to as many people as possible. We keep production costs low in order to serve excellent quality, healthy and tasty dishes at reasonable prices.
We believe that wholesome foods should be affordable for everyone. This is why our pokés start at € 10.90. Fast food price, but gourmet quality.

we rely only on trusted suppliers who share our ethical values.

Sustainable aquaculture fish

Our fish is sourced from sustainable and responsible aquaculture farms with verified traceability. We rely only on trusted suppliers who share our ethical values. We invest over €100,000 a year in more than 200 laboratory tests in order to certify that our products comply to strict international regulations.

We serve our pokés in:
Eco-friendly and plastic-free bowls
FSC-certified, recycled paper envelopes
Reusable, organic cotton shoppers

Defending the Earth one Poké at the time

If we want to keep enjoying the flavors that our planet gives us

If we want to keep enjoying the flavors that our planet gives us, we must contribute to its preservation. This is Poké by Daruma's ethics, and we commit to it daily with ecological packaging and high quality raw seafood from sustainable fishing.