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If you share our values, follow this blog to learn more about the fresh raw ingredients that go into our bowls, as well as new initiatives to save the planet. Join our community, together we defend the Earth one poké at a time!

The world in a bowl

with genuine and carefully selected ingredients

Inspired by the Hawaiian tradition of eating raw fish cut into chunks and influenced by Californian and Asian cuisine, poké is now a must-eat dish for healthy food enthusiasts. We add a pinch of all-Italian quality to it. How? Using only wholesome and carefully selected ingredients, combined by our chefs or your creativity. You can expect not only classic raw fish recipes, but also vegan and meat alternatives, sharing the same container: a convenient, easy-to-handle and environmentally sustainable bowl. Now haute cuisine is always with you, at home, at work or on the road.

Poké by Daruma is dedicated to anyone who didn't believe healthy, quality fast food existed.